Day One – Departure
Friday, November 19th, 1999

Day Two – Belize City, the Great House, and the Zoo
Saturday, November 20th, 1999

Day Three – The missing ruins, Belmopan and The Hummingbird Highway.
Sunday, November 21st, 1999

Day Four – Aboard the Auriga II and beneath the Caribbean
Monday, November 22nd, 1999

Day Five – The Disneyland Jungle Cruise & Fine Dining
Tuesday, November 23rd, 1999

Day Six – Second Cruise on the Auriga II
Wednesday, November 24th , 1999

Day Seven – Oh No!  Perhaps We’ll Stay Here at the Resort Today.
Thursday, November 25th , 1999 — Thanksgiving

Day Eight – An Uninvited Guest, Mayan Ruins, and the Southern Highway
Friday, November 26th , 1999

Day Nine – The Manatee Road, Manatee Lodge, and Home
Saturday, November 27th , 1999